Recommending a professional home inspection helps build a trusting relationship with your clients, and helps them make an educated offer on their chosen home. With an API quality home inspection, you will help protect their most important investment. It only makes sense that your clients back an offer with an unbiased assessment of the properties condition. At API we know first hand that no house is perfect, and will use our experience and knowledge to put things into perspective.

  • The onsite inspection takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours.
  • We encourage your client to attend the entire inspection, as the inspector can provide valuable tips on maintenance issues and answer questions and concerns first hand.
  • Not only do we perform an inspection, but we also provide your clients an education on their new home.
  • Our computer report is very detailed and easy to read. Deficiencies are well documented with the aid of photos, and a summary of the deficiencies is categorized and included at the end of the report for quick review by clients and realtors.
  • Home buyers will receive their report within 24 hours.
  • We are certified infrared thermographers, and we do not charge extra for using this advanced technology during the home inspection.
  • We also include a free home owner’s manual.
  • Clients can call API at any time in the future (while they own the home) for home maintenance advice, tips and questions.
  • Although we encourage the clients to attend the inspection, to respect the vendor we prefer a limited number of attendees.
  • The vendor or occupants of the property should not be present during the inspection.
  • The appliances should be functional, so the inspector can operate each through one cycle.
  • The gas fireplaces should be in operating condition with the pilot light left on.
  • All furnaces and water heaters are in operating condition with pilot lights on. (If applicable.)

For safety reasons, home inspectors are not permitted to fire up appliances that are in a non-operational condition.

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