Alberta Property Inspection (API) is one of the most trusted, established home inspection companies in Edmonton. API is an industry leader; since 1994, our team has performed over 11,000 inspections in the greater Edmonton area.

We are proud members of the Alberta Professional Home Inspector Society (APHIS), as well as certified infrared thermographers. We offer the highest technical and ethical standards in Alberta, and are an Alberta owned and operated company. API provides friendly attentive service, adding to the most important investment you may ever make.

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Whether you are purchasing a home, selling a home, or working with clients to find the perfect place to hang their hats, home inspections are critical, and extremely helpful for buyers to truly understand the condition of the home they are purchasing. We will provide an impartial assessment, and comprehensive home inspection report to prospective purchasers detailing the condition of the home and its major appliances. We will work with you to understand the significance of the details in our report, and answer any questions you might have.

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We are proud members of the Alberta Professional Home Inspectors Society (APHIS Alberta) and the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI).

What will we inspect?

  • Detached homes
  • Townhomes
  • High rise and low-rise condominium apartment units
  • New homes
  • Revenue properties
  • Manufactured homes
  • Country properties

Attic Rain

February 25, 2019

It’s winter, stains are showing up on your ceiling, water is dripping in around the bathroom fans and  pooling in the light fixtures. What’s the problem? “Attic Rain”  Yes, it’s raining in your attic. Moisture from the warm living area has migrated into the attic and condensed on the cold roof deck as frost. This happens  during a cold spell and as the weather warms up, the frost melts raining down onto the insulation and seeps through breaches in the vapour barrier. The result is unsightly water damaged drywall and worse, it can lead to mold. What’s the cause? The most likely causes are poor draftproofing and ventilation. If the vapour barrier around the bathroom fans, lights, smoke alarms etc. is not sealed properly, moisture from the living area will find its way into the attic. Also, new building codes  as of (2010) restrict the amount of soffit ventilation between houses. These unvented soffits are good  for fire safety, but can contribute to the problem by restricting attic ventilation. What can you do? Experts say, operating your central ventilation system during the winter months daily will help expel excess moisture from the house,  that would  otherwise migrate  into the attic. (this is controlled by a wall switch typically located in the hallway by the thermostat). Ensure attic insulation depth  is consistent, level, adequate and the hatch…