Indoor Air Quality


Edmonton area homes have this important device, but 90% of them are not working…and the fix is simple.

Have you noticed excessive moisture on your windows, mold growth or difficulty removing odours from inside your house… Read on.

Since the 1960’s builders have been installing a fresh air intake for improved indoor air quality. A device that allows fresh air to be drawn from outside and mixes it with inside air whenever the furnace is operating. This is important for the health of you and your family . However, this device has a screen to stop rodents and bugs from finding an easy way into your house. That’s a good thing. But when the poplar fluff starts flying in the spring, it gets caught up on the intake screen, completely blocking off any hope of improving your indoor air quality. What this means is, your furnace is just recirculating old stale air throughout your house day after day.


Locate the furnace intake vent on the exterior wall, usually it is located low and near the furnace room. Sometimes it is found under the deck. Some homes have two vents located close together, in this case, clean both vents as one is used for maintaining neutral air pressure in the home.

Simply remove the fluff and debris caught on the intake screen either with a vacuum or with some sticky tape.

Do this every year and you and your family will breathe easy.


Have you rented or borrowed a car only to pull up to the wrong side of the gas pump when you went to fill the tank… read on and this will never happen again.

Auto manufactures make it easy to determine what side of the car the gas cap is located. Simply look at the gas pump icon beside the gas gauge on the dashboard. There will be a triangle on one side of the gas pump icon. This triangle points to the side of the car the gas cap is located. Check out the photo below, this vehicle has the gas cap on the driver’s side